The Korea Trauma Research & Education Institute, a specialized organization for trauma research, education, training, consultation, and treatment, advocates human rights, social justice, and ethical practice.

Trauma reveals socially embedded issues of inequity, marginalization, and discrimination. In addition to physical and emotional damages from trauma, people often encounter social injustice and ethical dilemmas while coping with the aftermath of trauma.

The process of trauma recovery should involve establishing just and ethical values in our society as well as treating individual survivors injuries. Without restoring a societys orientation toward social justice, members of the society are likely to live with mistrust and anxiety even after recovering from physical injuries and materialistic loss.

Along with research and training on trauma-related social justice issues and ethical concerns, our institute provides psychotherapy to meet the needs of individuals and their communities that are looking for healing experiences for a variety of reasons. Through our research, training, and clinical practice, we intend to scientifically uncover how the individual recovery process interacts with the social recovery process. By doing so, we strive to contribute to identify directions for broad and fundamental social changes.

In order to promote the recovery and growth of communities as well as individuals, we aim to play a role of a link between person-to-person, scientific evidence-to-psychological treatment, and individual resources-to-social resources.